My Latest Mini-Haul!

YASSSS! Shoes! Who doesn’t love shoes? I needed some boots for winter so badly, so just a little while ago, I bought two pairs of boots:

One black:


One brown:


BLACK: I’ve been wanting black combat boots for a while, and these are just perfect! I love the style of them, they’re a great fall necessity, and they’re comfy! Not as comfy as the brown, granted, but still comfy! I got this pair from DSW.

BROWN: WARNING: THESE BOOTS MAY BE MORE FABULOUS THAN THEY APPEAR. I love ’em! They are just SO SOFT! And so so so so so so so so so comfy! I’ve been wanting them forever and here they are. Utter. Perfection. These boots are from Macy’s!

Which boots do YOU prefer? Lemme know in the comments below!