My Favorite Stores

Admit it. We all love to shop. I mean, there are so many places to look, so many items to search through, and when you find the perfect piece that makes you gasp, it’s awesome! When I first started getting into fashion I really liked places like Old Navy and Gap, but as I got older, my style changed.

My favorite summer store is Aeropostale! They are definitely very expensive, but in the summer, everything they have is a lot cheaper, especially when you go at the right time of year. I once bought a super-cute banana melange crop top for… what was it… $3? And another super-cute soft neon pink crop top for $4, and an adorable dress for $10! But, other things are really expensive, like $50 jeans or $25 shorts. Although, now the shorts are $9…



Some of my other favorite stores are:

Image result for aeropostale logo 2015

I went to American Eagle to get a couple of things for back-to-school, and I love them! The clothing here is very soft, good materials, and is fun to shop in! They have a lot of knits and crochets that are just fabulous! I use that word a lot…

Image result for forever 21 logo

Ohhhh yessss, its Forever 21! Everyone loves Forever 21! They have adorable items for any occasion, and everything is cheaper than in other stores. Plus, they’re huge. The one near me has at least nine rooms that are each bigger than the first floor of my house! My only issue with this is that it’s extremely hard to find what you want, it may take hours to search through the whole store! Regardless, it has everything.

Image result for forever 21 logo

I LOVE H&M!!! Even though it’s another store on the more expensive side, everything there is gorgeous! Especially their sweaters! For back-to-school, I found three sweaters and a top I absolutely adore! The first sweater is light blue, super soft, thin, with a black and white floral design and open back. The second is light pink, 3/4 sleeve with black and white cat faces covering it. In case you don’t know already, I’m obsessed with cats! The last sweater is probably my favorite. It’s white knit, super comfy, with a big ribbon that is tied in a bow on the back, leaving a big scoop of openness in the back. I wear it with everything, I love it so much! The top I bought was neon pink peplum and a lace open back. I wore it to a school party!


I’ve just been getting into Charlotte Russe, and so far it’s amazing! I love their tops and sweaters, especially their shoes and accessories. I am in love with all the different shoes they carry, even if I’m not allowed to wear them yet, like enormous 5 inch chunky platform boot heels. Boot heels, new vocab word! It’s also super hard to find shoes for me because I’m a size 10-10 1/2 in women’s shoes. Yeah. They’re too big for my body.

What are YOUR favorite stores? Lemme know in the comments below!



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